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I've been a full time wedding photographer for about three years now and
I absolutely love the experience of shooting weddings. I love to be able to capture the symbolic moments, the expressive hugs and festive atmosphere
of your big day. I feel really fortunate and blessed to be in this trade,
doing what I love to do.

Weddings are full of fun and excitement but above all that, it is the heartfelt emotions that we remember and keep closely to our hearts. Your wedding day is more than just a wedding, it is also the start to marriage, a lifetime that you cannot wait for it to begin. I love witnessing that.

I enjoy working closely with all my couples, to get to know their love story
and bringing it to photos. I love to shoot with an honest touch. There is a story
to be told for every couple and I would hope for them to re-live the day with fond memories through my photos. If you like what I do, allow me the honour
to tell your story :)

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